The foundation of a healthy relationship, family life, career, fitness, well-being, and overall success lies in being consistent. Consistency can apply to every aspect of your life. I feel that being consistent is one of the biggest challenges that an individual may face in his/her life. I recommend getting a designated accountability person in each one of these categories to keep you on track.

By Oxford dictionary definition:

consistency – “the quality of always behaving in the same way or of having the same opinions, standard, etc.; the quality of being consistent”

RELATIONSHIP – In a relationship, a partner is expected to be there, be present, be engaged, give and receive affection. This can come in the form of listening, being rational, sweet messages, dates, gifts, compliments, care and concern. This fosters a healthy loving companionship that will grow strong and thrive. If one person does not call, text, listen or disappears for days on end it leaves the other person empty and insecure about the status of the relationship. Consistency in behavior is key to a healthy relationship.

FAMILY – Family is everything. Children, in particular, thrive with a consistent routine. They need to go to bed at the same time or have a strict in-bed rule. My son’s bedtime is 9:30 pm. He has to be in the bed by 9:30 and is usually asleep by 10 pm. Children need to go to school at the same time every day and spend the same amount of hours Monday-Friday every week. Schools are consistent with schedules, routines, lunchtime, arrival, and dismissal. So consistency is supported and necessary here. Showers and mealtime should be consistent and for some families down to the types of meals that they consume.

CAREER – Work is consistent whether you are employed, self-employed or a freelancer. The time put into the work in whatever you do must be consistent. In most cases, the harder you work, the greater the results, whether that’s completing a task or freeing up your time to do something more. Project completion heavily relies on the workers’ performance. That means showing up each and every workday at the same time, to produce the most efficient results. If someone makes little effort every day or is late all the time etc. it reflects poorly on the individual and inhibits the company/team from getting things done.

FITNESS – Fitness is pretty straightforward. If you wake up at 5 am to run for 90 minutes at least 4 times a week, you are likely in great shape. But if you are running once every other week and eat rice, bread, and pasta, you are likely struggling in your fitness routine. To get good physical results in fitness you need to push yourself to work out even when you don’t feel like it mentally. The best part about a consistent fitness routine is that there are visual aesthetic results. If you find it difficult to be consistent here.

WELLBEING – Taking care of yourself whether it’s getting your nails done every two weeks or the hair salon once a month (or every now and then) to having your yearly physical is an essential part of long-term health and wellness. Your body is like a vehicle and requires regular maintenance. This includes the information you fuel it with in regards to education whether reading a book or taking up a language course. I spend a couple of minutes daily learning something new or listening to a podcast or audio broadcast. Be consistent with yourself even if it’s taking a walk through the park every day or traveling whether alone or with good friends at least once a year. Being consistent in these things is an integral part of being the best version of you.

I work every day to be consistent whether it’s the time I wake up, to the time I spend on social media posts, working out weekly, balancing my careers, family, and relationship. It is not easy and to put quite frankly a struggle sometimes. I am not perfect but I work at being consistent each and every day. I also reflect at the end of every week on the progress I make and what I need to do to keep up the good work or do better.