This page is dedicated to all of my products where I like to spend my U.S. Dollar. I promote and recommend products I have tried, know quite well, currently use/own, or purchased myself!!


I have a unique style (just kidding) I love clothes that look great on me! I’m not picky, I want it to flatter my figure and look the part depending on where I am going, what I am doing and who I am with. Casual circumstances call for a casual consideration when choosing items from my closest. I wouldn’t call myself a fashionista per se but I do love and admire the men and women who put something ‘extra’ into their look. It takes time and effort to go from sleepwear to wow so hats off to the designers and retailers that make all this possible. If you haven’t checked out my Instagram yet, I post and promote quite a few pieces that I like.


Styling hair especially for women of color is a natural expression like putting on clothes for the day. Hair is amazing! I have had my very fair share of protective style favorites especially since I am 100% natural (through trial and error). One of my ABSOLUTE favorite GO to hair companies when it comes to getting my “look” is Her Imports. The hair is Top Grade, Quality and they have expanded quite ALOT from being online-based with one store to now over 12 locations in the USA over the years. They have all types of extensions, but my personal favorite is Peruvian because it matches closest to African Hair (besides the kinky straight). Lucky for you, Get $25 off your purchase with Her Imports.


I am ALL about looking good while working out. I truly believe Beauty and Fitness go hand in hand. It is not only about feeling good but looking good too. Get a special 15% Off discount from Astoria Activewear using my discount code “MISSNANCYE15”!


Beautiful dresses at a very economical price can be found at Azazie. One thing I love is that you can order the Swatches (sample fabrics) for $2 a pop to see exactly what you are getting (Color/Material/Feel). This gave me the in-store/in-person feel that is always a challenge when ordering clothing online. My Maid of Honor discovered this site. It has a wide variety of selections and sizes ranging from 0 – 28 (I believe) which is excellent if your bridal party is looking for a dress that would flatter everyone. I have even recommended this site for my wedding guests. With prices as low as $30 there is something for everyone here! Another site to find beautiful dresses, slightly higher with the price is Hebeos Luxury Dress. If you know EXACTLY what you want and what you are looking for then this is a good option. I was more indecisive so I HAD to make appointments at Bridal locations to find my perfect dress.

For men, they made COVID adaptations. The LS Men Clothing in NYC offered FaceTime for measurements and custom tailoring instead of in-person.


So lately I have fallen in love with shopping from the comfort of my own home! I can try on clothes, mix and match styles, buy what I want and return what I don’t like. This is literally time-saving and really fun and convenient. Not to mention the stylish box it comes in! And if you are also ready to have your own personal stylist at an affordable cost, take $50 off your next purchase at the Trunk Club! ??

For beauty and wellness product recommendations, check out personally picked items on this page and my online Beauty Shop coming soon. This is my official referral page, Amazon will be next once I get to 10k+ ?? followers.


So, I originally purchased these from DSW but found them on Amazon and could have saved a trip. You can also get cool jibbitz to spice your footwear up!