EDUCATION 2002 – 2018
Knowledge is literally power. One thing I pride myself is on the ability to never stop learning, I have a fear of complacency. Perseverance, dedication, and endurance with a little motivation and confidence sprinkled in makes one me one determined cookie. I may not be the genius of the world, but I work on being great at whatever I focus on.

MBA – Global Management

I wanted to grow my business and learn more about expanding and becoming a more educated leader. I studied at Ashford University for two years and obtained a Masters Degree in Global Management 2016 – 2018. This was my highest level of education and I am blessed for the knowledge that was provided to me. Personally, I have volunteered in ALOT of social projects, I am a philanthropist at heart. I currently serve in Technical School for the USAF.Ashford University Forbes School of Business logo.

I have worked for myself since 2011 but officially registered my first LLC in January of 2014 and later my pride and joy, Beaute Clinique Spa inspired by my language learning of French in May 2014. I have been self- employed since then. My latest business is an online teaching course Beauty und Wellness Klinik Institut inspired by my travels to Germany and German hubby influence.

From 2014 – 2016, I wanted to take care of my own skin and grew a passion for skincare and learned how to care for all skincare types as well as advanced techniques. I met wonderful professionals and mentors. This expanded my love to help others and went hand in hand with Massage Therapy so naturally, I took pride in becoming a dual/ national/internationally licensed therapist. I really picked up on traveling during this time of my life.

City University of New York – CUNY MEC

The City University of New York runs deep and I was fortunate enough to be accepted to the only HBCU in NYC. I made this place my educational facilitator for quite some time. I learned ALOT about myself and my career path obtaining a baby boy, 2 Associate Degrees, and a Bachelors during this time. It took a while, July 2006 – June 2011 (technically 2013 because of this one darn repeat fail math class for 1.5 years) but hey, I got it done! I took a break to continue my modeling career and after a combination of “aging out” and graduating, began to focus on working on myself and towards financial freedom. I started traveling once I finished my undergraduate degree.


I attended one of the greatest high schools in New York City from 2002 – 2006 with some big alumni names like Stan Lee and Ralph Lauren. Although I didn’t finish in the Macys Program I graduated at the age of 17 with a NYS Regents Diploma and a Financial Literacy certificate. Some of my best and a few bad memories were here. Overall I had the typical teenage F-U-N! I have friends I am in touch with today despite going to a school of 5000+ students. I am still connected with friends from I.S.292 (Junior High School) in Brooklyn, NYC. Shout out to Mr. Spencer from the 6th Grade!

USAF – Aim High

I had all the education and self-employment experience but a little bit of workforce experience, like I was some fresh college student. But nothing prepared me for the world (besides growing up in NYC) like serving good ol’ ‘Merica. I had Mental, Physical and Emotional growth and strength as well as support in every corner for my success. I made really great friends and networks. I have come across some absolutely wonderful people and overall I am grateful that I had the opportunity to be apart of. FYI BMT was something else, same for Tech School!