My Favorite Color: Wine Red

What a beautiful color and my favorite! I have handbags, hats and clothes in this color. When I get my gel manicure it is usually in this color.

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My Favorite Food: Seafood

I am grateful to not be allergic to these fine specimen. I absolutely love seafood!

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My Astrological Sign: Leo

Yes, I am a fire sign. Loving, passionate, charismatic, hard-working, determined and all of that jazz.

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Who’s That Lovely Lady?

Now that you know some cool facts about me, read here for more. I have been meaning to write this blog for quite some time. And what better way to express myself than the World Wide Web huh?

In short, I am from the BIG Apple New York City, so I love people!! I was born in Brooklyn but have resided in Manhattan (my Hometown) for the past 12 years of my life.

I have traveled across the seven seas (almost), with my favorite place in Europe (Germany, France). I have an online gaming teenager (Nathaniel) who has his own Tennis Instructor Business. I am a BIG Health care management service provider and a huge advocate of Wellness, Beauty, and Fitness. My experiences involve modeling to marketing (commercial print, events, planning, management, promotions, videos) esthetics, massage to business management, falling in love with Mr. Right, traveling while maintaining a career with my entrepreneurial spirit, and surviving BMT!

I will pretty much post all about this!

“Limitations begin in the mind… Be LIMITLESS” – Nancy E