The USA Making History…Again

46th President of the United States of America ⭐

We have been making a lot of firsts this year. It makes me so proud to be a US Citizen and apart of a nation that is growing and has so much opportunity.

The President I voted for WON and I couldn’t be more estatic. The 46th President of the United States of America will be Joe Biden!

The First Black & Indian Female Vice President in the History of the United States of America will be Kamala Harris!! It has been made clear that every little girl in this country has the opportunity to be where she is. It is inspiring, liberating, authentic.

Despite the week + delay in making EVERY VOTE COUNT, I am pleased with how things turned out and how the country is adapting to COVID-19. I am so proud that more people are voting and consciously aware of the impact that they have on the outcome.

I have voted every possible year I could for the last few elections. It is a right and privilege that I plan to exercise every chance that I can get. When you realize the power that voting has on this country, it makes you feel like you truly have done your part, especially when your vote is actually a reflection of who will be leading the country.