Group Fitness Instructor – ME

Strength through Active Movement , Increased Flexibility and Body Awareness

I have a lot of certifications, talents, and skills. But I am NOT a fitness freak who wakes up at 5 am for running or gym head who spends hours dancing with equipment yet. But I do believe in the natural idea of fitness, the body needs movement to thrive. It promotes a healthy life, healthy mind and increases overall mood and energy. With so many people more aware of what they put into their bodies and how to get into shape I love to lead in a mind-body experience and by inspiring others.

I studied through the AFAA and obtained my CGFI certification officially over the summer this year. The truth is, it was HARD. I failed it due to trying to juggle a full schedule the first time, not studying enough the second time, and missing it by one question the third time. I am not afraid of failure because every time I adapt and learn to do it better and become more focused. Taking this course helped me to view the body and movement in a different way than what I learned from Massage and Esthetics School.

When it comes to what type of class I will teach, I am currently working on my own fitness program which adapts to the current conditions and adjustments imposed by COVID-19. My focus will be on increasing overall body wellness both physically and spiritually through positive interactions and perceptions of exercise through flexibility and dance with the type of music that I love ❤️

Feel free to follow me on my fitness journey page @fitnessbymissnancye